About JCCA

The Jaguar Club of Central Arizona is a local region of the Jaguar Club of North America. We're about 90 member families—people who love Jaguar cars and like to hang out with other Jag fanatics. The club has regular events, including social gatherings, drives, slaloms, and an annual concours d'elegance.

We welcome new members, even if you don't have a Jaguar in the garage. Just $70 per year covers dues for both the national and local clubs.


JCCA has been active since 1991.

How did it start? Longtime member Mark Stephenson wrote this tongue-in-cheek history of the club.

Here are the club bylaws, as adopted in 2016

The Board of Directors

Rosemary Price – JCCA President  president@jcca.us

Rosemary is a quintessential car hobbyist, raised in a car-dealer family and serving as wrench handler during her three older brothers’ car tinkering adventures. She created a website in 2000 called Preserving the Car Hobby for car owners to post their car photos. Her passion was shared with husband Marvin, who was an expert in pre-war American automobiles. She and Marvin were very active in over six car clubs throughout their 13-year marriage. (Marvin passed away in 2015).  

Rosemary says she has the most fun with the driving experience, especially with the convertible top down on a winding two-lane blacktop road. Her Jaguars have been shown and received awards in many non-JCCA judged events around the Southwest.

Rosemary owns a geriatric services consulting firm and is a licensed health and life insurance producer. But playing with the cars is what puts a smile on her face.

Kurt Hanke – Vice President
Carol Capano – Secretary

Jeff Gennaro - Treasurer

Robert Bronstein
Joe Capano
Bob Martin
Phil Parker


Rigo Duran – Activity Director

Rigo's been a member of JCCA for nearly 20 years and has held many JCCA offices, including Vice President from 2008-2009. Rigo says he fell in love with Jaguar cars watching an English movie in the late 60s, seeing one driven with great elegance. He promised himself that he’d one day own a Jaguar and in 1998 he came through, buying a mint-condition 1987 XJS, which he owned for about 10 years. Today Rigo owns two vintage Jags, a 1968 J-240 Mark II and a 1991 XJS-12.

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