Display Your Jaguar at the Highland Games

04 Jan 2017 3:06 PM | Anonymous

By Shirley Blahak

There are two events for all British Cars at the Highland Games on Saturday and Sunday, March 4&5.

The Saturday one is more of a display than a show. There is no entry fee and no awards except for the Peoples' Choice Plaque. We invite the visitors to vote for the car/cars they like best by buying tickets to jot down the car numbers. The one with the most votes gets the plaque at the end of the day and the proceeds go to the Caledonian Society's scholarship fund.

Sunday is a show on the lines of the old Wheels of Britain. There is an entry fee and awards will be given. The classes etc will be determined by how many similar cars are registered by the cut-off date. The Peoples' Choice will start over again on Sunday.

People can register for one or both days, either way the owners will receive free admission to the Games and all the other activities going on both days. We will have our own grassy area upon which to park. There is 24-hour security with the Games area fenced off. If people wish to come both days, and plenty do, it is perfectly safe to leave the cars overnight. In fact we usually start taking ours down on set-up day, Friday, and leaving them there till Sunday evening. Never had a problem.

Get a Saturday information here and Sunday information here.

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